My Comedy Of Errors.

For the past four months, I had not been getting OTPs sent by my bank whenever I entered into any net banking transaction with it. It was not a major issue as I would just ask the alternative method of getting the OTP via a telephone call.

I recently made a wrong password entry while trying to access my account and my old password was therefore made invalid and I had to reset my password. For resetting the password however, there is no second option of getting the OTP via a telephone call and I simply could not access my account as I could not log in.

Service personnel from the bank came over to my residence to try and help me and were baffled to see that the OTP was not coming whenever I asked for it. They therefore suggested that I change my telephone number and apply for a change in the registered number with them. They assured me that it would solve the problem and after some time I could ask to revert to the original telephone number.

I duly did this by getting a new cellphone connection about which I shall write in my next blot post.

I duly applied for change of registered telephone number in my account with the bank on last Friday. I got messages both in my phone via the messaging application and through emails acknowledging receipt of my application and eventually on Sunday even advising me that my new number has been registered while deregistering my old number.

On receipt of these messaging application messages I started to wonder why while I was getting those messages, I was not getting the OTPs and it occurred to me that perhaps I had inadvertently blocked the OTP number. I sought the help of our resident geek to try and find if I had done that and in no time he found that I had indeed blocked the number four months ago. Not only that, I had also blocked a few others including some family members’ numbers.

I had been getting hundreds of spam messages and I would ruthlessly block them from future messages and perhaps in the process had inadvertently blocked some numbers which should not have been blocked in my haste to get rid of a number of messages in the message box.

I duly unblocked the numbers that should not have been blocked and tried to access my bank account to reset my password. And bingo, I could, as I got the OTP through the messaging system without any problems.

It now remains for me to go back to the bank with a request to revert to the old telephone number but, I think that I will wait for a while before I do that to check the efficiency of the new connection. And perhaps to enable the efficient fellows who obliged me in changing the number to forget my name so that when I request them again, they will be as efficient as they were during the first request for their service.

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  1. For all problems with phones and pc, it is better to take help from some youngsters – college students. They will quickly diagnose the problem and set it right. But they will not tell you how they did most of the time, but things will come back to normal. That is what I do to get help from my grandson. It is better to seek help from girls from your building or nearby for secure feelings in case your son can’t fix them up.

    1. I normally do as I have two youngsters at home, relative to me that is. This one had stumped both of them as well as the much younger chaps from the bank. Only some out of the box thinking solved the problem.

  2. Fun phone problems… NOT.

    We routinely ignore phone numbers we don’t recognize and block them. I hope we don’t run into problems like you did.

    We planned to get newer generation cell phones last week. However, the delivery date was going to be the day we were in Little Rock so we waited to order. Our new delivery date was yesterday (Monday). Then we had a widespread winter storm which disrupted mail and package deliveries… among other things. Maybe we’ll get them today. Tonight and tomorrow, we are supposed to get another storm with just as much snow. This morning it is -2°F (-19°C). This is NOT normal… not even close.
    Mike recently posted..Bent’s Fort

  3. I ditto WWW’s comment! I have Never heard of that!!!
    wow. talk about customer service!
    and there… dear Ranjan got it figured out in no time.
    the world of technology is not simple. I’m glad things are mostly back to normal for you!

    1. Yes, it is common here and many Westerners are amazed that this happens. Ranjan is a problem solver par excellence but, he has got to figure out what the problem is and that is where my out of the box thinking helped. Even the much younger to Ranjan bank chaps could not figure out what was going on.

  4. A comedy of errors indeed. And yes, bank officials coming to your house, that’s amazing! Glad you’ve now sorted everything out after all the fuss and bother.

  5. Well I found out today that somehow my “camera” was off when I went to scan a QR code at the doctors clinic. The lass said “I think the camera is off…” and I thought, no it ain’t.
    But when I came home, “yes it is…” had a search around settings, all appeared to be “ON” so I restarted the phone – other than not know if the tracer app is okay – the “phone camera is now “ON”
    I have no idea how it went OFF, although with my hands anything is quite possible…
    The lass used the manual insertion, a lot faster than I ever can do it…as it happened when I went the LabTests and although the nurse wasn’t hurrying me, she said “when you’ve ready…” 🙂
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Health: next please…

  6. I am in the habit of blocking any number that I don’t recognize if they don’t leave a voicemail, so I can see something like this happening to me easily.…

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