My Door Is Open.

My friend Shanker posted the following message on Facebook and I promptly copy pasted the same on my page.

My door is always open. My house is safe. Coffee & Tea can be on in minutes, and my dining room table is a place of peace and non-judgmental. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. It’s no good suffering in silence. I have food in the fridge, coffee and tea in the cupboard, and listening ears, shoulders to cry on and words to share. I will always be here…you are always welcome!!

This is an old value that has been lost to technology…a text, face-time or emoji is not the equivalent of making time for those we love or care about!
I promise to sit at the table while we talk…this is a value that we should bring back!! Let’s all bring it back!

Could at least one friend please copy and re-post.

The response has been staggering. I have posted many other messages on Facebook but, I have never seen such responses.  As I write this post, there have been 44 thumb-up and heart emoticons and 19 comments.  Five friends have also copy pasted the post on their pages.

The contents of the message must have resonated very well indeed with many people!

9 thoughts on “My Door Is Open.”

  1. I’ve seen this copy and paste trope so many times and I never, ever respond to copy and paste as it reeks of unoriginality and insincerity. And I guess once I’ve seen a hundred my last remaining nerve gets stepped on. Like this one.

    Not raining on your parade, or maybe I am. Forgive.

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    1. Mystified why you, WWW, take exception to a perfectly reasonable assertion. Why do you think it “insincere”?There are lots of good ideas we should copy, paste, plaster on every wall. Some may sound trite. Doesn’t make them not true or valuable.


  2. I have never seen this. perhaps because I’m not on Facebook.
    but all I’ve heard about Facebook is mainly the negativity of it. people hurting other people they don’t even KNOW that well!
    so when I read this I thought… how wonderful.
    I remember my mother and father always saying “the pot’s on. come in and sit awhile!” (even camping out… there would be couples around our campfire!)
    I remember people at our kitchen table wherever we lived. laughing. talking. sharing stories. yes. many were friends. but often some were NEW friends. just having transferred there and lonely I suppose. people in nomadic jobs seem to be open to accepting strangers at their table who become friends.
    it’s one way of surviving.
    thank you for the memories this post gave to me Rummy. xo

    1. I am delighted that the post brought back memories. I have explained in the post the reason that made me copy paste the post but, what I did not mention in my blog is my own memory of the days gone by when our door was also open. Not only for casual visitors but also for house guests who used to land up regularly and usually without advance notice.

  3. I like that idea of this. I fully agree. But I agree with wise web woman that I don’t ever respond. My friends and family know it is true. A sign in my front window says that all are welcome here regardless of race, gender, etc. I guess that is enough.
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