18 thoughts on “My Favorite Cartoon Character.”

    1. Had I been asked to list three favourites in the order of priority, Calvin and Maxine would have followed Dennis. For the reason that I have had quite a few Dennises in my life but nary a one Calvin or Maxine.

    1. The old man in the strip is Mr. Wilson who is a neighbour. Mrs. Wilson encourages Dennis to visit them but Mr.W dislikes him but Dennis rolls along without worrying too much about it. I have had too many Dennises in my life to ever want to be Dennis but I would not like to be Mr. W either. Unfortunately, all my Dennises have grown up to be very smart and responsible young men! I guess that I should be by elimination Dennis’s father Henry Mitchell.

  1. My favorite is Koko in The Other Coast.

    Years ago Andy and I liked Dennis the Menace, and when we lived in France for a year we bought some of his comic books in French. We thought it might be an easy way to pick up more of the language, but it was a big mistake. They used too many colloquial terms and they were impossible to decipher. Who would have guessed?
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