My Favorite Fictional Character Is:


That is Gandalf The Grey.

Why is he my favourite?

I am very affectionately called that by my very dear young friend Kaush. And the story behind that is that I offered some insights about his school days.  Subsequently, I started calling him Bilbo Baggins.

Tolkien’s two books have been favourites for ever.

This topic for the weekly LBC posts was suggested by Shackman.  Please visit him and Pravin who are also likely to write on the same topic.

28 thoughts on “My Favorite Fictional Character Is:”

  1. So, basically, my dear Ramana, what you are saying is that you yourself are your favourite fictional character. That is clever. I bet my bottom Dinar that once upon a time you worked in sales or marketing/packaging – and most successfully so.

    Ursula recently posted..Royal Flush

  2. I tried to read Lord of the Rings but couldn’t get past page 100. I forget now what I found so off-putting. My favourite fictional character is probably Tigger. Or Charlie Brown. Or Desperate Dan.
    nick recently posted..Drained and skint

    1. Strangely enough, what led me to Tolkien was crossword clues. I read both the books after my retirement. I have not seen the films yet, but both are on my bucket list. Your three choices are good ones too.

  3. Like Nick I tried and tried and couldn’t. Then I tried watching the movies with s rabid fan (Hello Ross!) and couldn’t.

    I gave up.

    I tend to be momentary in my faves. I often fall in love with characters in my current reading.

    Wisewebwoman recently posted..Gratitude – Day 4

  4. Ramana Sir – you are the perfect image of Gandalf the White especially after renouncing Booze and Tobacco when you were Gandalf the Grey!

    But remember your sencond incarnation as Dr. Quantum where you explain the duality of wave-particle nature of Light and explore the boundless cosmic possibilities 🙂

  5. characters in Dr Seuss books – although more than the characters, just the funny stuff that happens…

    I can’t find the book character that Margaret Mahy wrote about – but I think it was a book geared towards the “teens” – it may have been a ragamuffin type character…I quite like that type of character, because usually they turn out to be heroes or quite different from the way they are portrayed…

    1. I had not heard of Margaret Mahy but she seems to be a very talented writer, though whether I would be able to read her genre with relish at this stage of my life is a moot point!

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