My Favourite Movie Star.


It is extremely difficult to choose one favourite star for me as I see movies in three languages. My earliest memories of movies revolve around those with Sivaji Ganesan in Tamil movies then followed English movies with Johny Weismuller as Tarzan and then to Hindi with Raj Kapoor as the star to admire.

And as I grew up into adulthood, so many kept coming in and going out that I never really developed the peculiar Indian trait of Hero worship and would see films for the overall effect rather than for the hero or heroine.

For this post however, I have chosen Robert De Niro for a number of reasons and I shall write them down as they occur to me.

The first movie that I saw with him was Godfather II and I was hooked. The last I saw of him was in The Intern. In between, I have seen a great many of them including those of his younger days like the The Taxi Driver, The Raging Bull etc mostly through DVDs or via cable TV. I cannot think of one where he let me down. Whether it was Romance, Action, or Comedy, he came up trumps every time.  His versatility and ability to adapt to his costars is outstanding, and that is why he is my favourite movie star.  Moreover, I would like to restrict my choice to English cinema and thus the choice of De Niro.


I know that I disappoint my regular reader blogger friend Tammy who would have preferred my choice being Sean Connery. Let me assure her that he would be my second choice!

Topic for today’s LBC post was suggested by me. You can read Shackman’s and Pravin’s takes at their respective blogs.

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  1. ah…
    my own sean!
    no. you never disappoint. i too like de niro. in his entire career i have never seen him ‘over act.’ he always gives a quality performance.
    i do adore both of my seans! LOL!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  2. I agree that De Niro is an excellent U.S. movie actor. I, too, never acquired the hero worship or fan mentality, so have found the increasing celebrity obsession that has developed in the U.S. during my lifetime a sad commentary on our culture. These individuals “put their pants on one leg at a time” like all the rest of us, have a mix of personality traits similar to the rest of the people each of us encounter throughout our lifetime. I’ve met a few individuals some others consider celebrities which has confirmed my perception. There are so many more important matters or people needing our attention, including seeking more meaningful pleasures for ourselves. 😉
    joared recently posted..VETERANS DAY – CALIFORNIA SECEDE? — PROTESTS

  3. I don’t go to many movies, but James Gardner was one of my favorite celebrities because he was a down-to-earth person and didn’t let fame go to his head. He did have trouble with aches and pains because he did all of his own stunts. Basically just a nice guy.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Culture Shock

  4. I thought Kamala Hasaan would be in your list. He should have been.

    I dont watch many movies, havent seen Kamala Hasaan’s movies except – Chachi 420, Vishwaroopam (the one in controversy), Sadma, faintly remember what was the whole movie but yes watched Ek Duuje Ke Liye too.

    The other options for me could be – Om Puri (I removed him from my list after his stupid comment on Indian defense people), Nasiruddin Shah and Anthony Hopkins.

    Secondly, I couldnt connect that to theme of my blog

  5. I’m not really into movie stars – unless they appear in a news report – and usually I don’t think of movie with a dedicated star as such. And I’ve not been to the movies for quite a few years, I have had problems with being inside the cinema – with my dizziness problems.

    Maybe I should start doing that again…as it would make a fine outing & maybe I could see if the dizzyness doesn’t make it difficult. I do know I need to doing more things, now that certain other things I’m not doing!

    1. I too re-started to go to movies regularly only very recently and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. Once I got rehooked, the next step was to go the DVD route to see movies that I had missed during my self imposed no movie years.

  6. I really really like Irfan Khan, Roshan Seth and Naseerudin Shah, Off the top of my head. And, David Wenham, the actor who played the villain in Australia. Their performances interested me to want to see them again, from the one or two times I’ve seen them.

    1. Irfan Khan, Roshan Seth and Naseeruddin Shah are great actors and had I chosen to write about an Indian actor, I would have chosen NS who is a class act indeed. I have never seen David Wenham and so would not know anything about him.

  7. Lately came across this series on YouTube, from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). This radio station is usually very staid, but they have veered off into more youthful and modern trying to attract such listeners, with varying success. One radio host the defendent in several sexual harrassment and sexual assault cases with a lurid court drama. And this, which I think is good. Funny. True. and I have always liked Paul Soles a journeyman actor now in his late 80s or early 90s. The series is about inter-generaltional living, western style.

    Grandfather’s unemployed grandson moves in with him. About 10 mins. (Warning: some swearing).

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