My Favourite Place.

We call it ‘verandah’ here and I love to sit here on two occasions. Early in the mornings while I have my waker upper mug of tea and when it is raining.

Just see how beautiful the falling rain is when viewed from my favourite perch in our verandah!

I too consider the time spent there well wasted.

Do you have a favourite place like that where time spent will be well wasted?

11 thoughts on “My Favourite Place.”

  1. I love the freshening aroma of a new rain accompanying the sound and sight. Glad you can enjoy the view. We are in desperate need of rain here but the best I hear is the possibility of sprinkles one morning this week if they don’t evaporate before they reach our level. Currently, I enjoy the view from my living room window of the Bird of Paradise though the actual “birds”, bloom, are long since gone. Earlier in the year I delighted in the hummingbirds who sought nectar there for energy as they were building nests elsewhere, then incubating their eggs and nurturing the hatchlings. Now we are in what is referred to as June Gloom, cloudy in the morning, with the sun emerging in the afternoon as we soon head into the heat of another dry summer.

  2. My favourite place in the winter is my cosy living-room armchair, with a large mug of tea. My favourite place in summer is sitting in the garden enjoying a chocolate ice cream.

  3. that view from your favorite seat on the veranda (we leave off the h!) would be my own too. just the feel of the Fresh air and the sound of the rain. it’s my Favorite of all.
    I can never get enough of it.
    it’s too hot and humid to sit out in it here now. but our cooler spring days were Lovely!
    they will have to suffice until the seasons change again.
    but they were worth every drop of rain and every moment!
    enjoy your verandah for me too my fellow pluviophile. xo

  4. I don’t truly have anywhere nice outside but I do like sitting in my living room and looking out at the ragged fence that has somehow never quite fallen down but it’s getting that away – but it’s gained so much “character” that I think if it was replaced it would feel all raw and have no essence.

    I also like sitting on my bed, I’ve no real view outdoors but it’s my sanctuary when life goes off edge.

    When I’m out and about, I like to find some busy place to sit and then just “watch”
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..I have a Date with the Jab

      1. now that was interesting…I see some really amazing sights, often pretty idiotic … and yes our respective cultures show us a whole lot more. Our country is now multi-ethnic with what seems to me a crossover at times – yesterday I saw quite a few mixed race families…the blurring of the “line”
        Catherine de Seton recently posted..Wintergarden glasshouses

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