My Favourite Season.

We are in the middle of my favourite season, the monsoon. As I write this, there is a lull but the met promises rains back again from later this weekend. The monsoon in Pune starts by the first week of June and goes on till about the middle of September every year. It is vital for India as our agriculture and drinking water needs are met by the water that arrives during the season and a failed or below normal monsoon is disastrous for us.

Right now, everything is green everywhere including my little garden. I love to sit in our veranda and watch the rain fall and the birds taking shelter in our garden. When we go out, we see all the trees happy with the rainfall as also the grass on vacant plots. Since Pune is situated at a height of 560 Mts from sea level, it is not subject to the debilitating climate of the coastal areas and it is always cool and comfortable during the monsoon. Lovely weather to be in.


This is the Mula-Mutha river that runs through Pune which is just about 300 Mts away from my home. Like shown in the picture, it is now in full strength and I always love to see it in this form. During the summer months this comes down to about a fifth of its size but the river runs with water all the twelve months.During the nineties my son and I used to go fishing for river carp and catfish in it but as the city grew and the population grew, we gave up that sport.



When my late wife was alive, we used to go to Mahabaleshwar once definitely and often twice during the monsoon to enjoy the experience of walking through the clouds and eating hot fresh off the charcoals corn on the cob called bhutta here, hot samosas and tea there. It was just a three hour drive at most and we used to thoroughly enjoy the getaways. Since her death, I just don’t have the inspiration to do that.

During the monsoon there are many festivals as during this period agriculture takes a break and the farmers used the occasion to celebrate festivals. The crowning one will be the Ganesh immersion scheduled for the 15th of September this year. It will indicate the end of the monsoon season.

This topic for the weekly Friday LBC post was chosen by me.  You can see what the other LBC blogger Shackman has to say on it at his blog.

23 thoughts on “My Favourite Season.”

  1. I miss the very cold. I miss the snow cracking and crunching, but not giving, under my mukluks. I miss the way it sparkles blue white and how the air smells. Wet, very cold, and so clean. I miss the cold.

    Here we do get snow, but it’s dirty city snow with ruts and greasy areas and because it melts and refreezes, which does not happen in the far north, it’s treacherous, ugly and smells of car oil.

  2. I too like rainy seasons. Only problem we see in India roads with potholes. Even in Mumbai the roads are horrible these days.

    Mahabaleshwar is good in winters too specially for those who are in bigger cities.

  3. I used to love the summer heat, but as I get older, it’s really uncomfortable for me. We are in the middle of a hot spell (30 degrees F), which is not that extreme, compared to other places in the world, but still, I don’t like it! I’ll be glad to see our moderate weather return! I’m in the Pacific North West, in Canada, by the way.

  4. you know me rummy.
    rain lover that i am this post is after my own heart.
    i could see it and feel it the whole time i read!

    to walk through clouds…
    what a beautiful way to put it.
    and it’s a special memory of urmeela. all the more precious to you.
    as i write this we FINALLY got a little rain last night. i awoke to hearing it.
    nothing better my friend!
    and now i will go back and follow all your links! thank you.
    tammy j recently posted..cozy minimal

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