My Favourite Vacation Spot.

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Will it surprise you if I were to tell you that I have never had a vacation like what this comic character is dreaming of. Nor do I think that I will ever have one in the future. It is for the simple reason that I am not a places person, I am a person person.

My vacations have always been visiting people and doing things with them. If those things included some sight seeing or sea bathing or things like that, they were collateral benefits, but the thrust was on meeting and spending time with family and friends, and getting to know new people.

So, I find it extremely difficult to enumerate a list of my favourite vacation spots. I can however straight away list a few places that I would very much like to visit primarily because people that I would like to meet are there. Northern Ireland for Grannymar and Nick, Canada for WiseWebWoman, Pennsylvania for Mayo, California for Looney and TOF, London for David and the much awaited dance in Trafalgar square with my betrothed, Texas for Shackman and other parts of the USA for Darlene, Cheerful Monk, Tammy, Mitch, Maxi and so on besides Australia for Jim and Neil and New Zealand for Cathy and hold your breath Portugal for Max.  I have deliberately left out places in India as it will take a whole page of people and places to list.

And most importantly, what do I do to catch up with Delirious who came up with this topic for today? Will she be in the USA or in China? Will the Chinese let me in into their country?

Now you can kind of draw up your own idea of my Bucket List!

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