My Favourite Vehicle.


My favourite vehicle currently is an auto rickshaw. They are ubiquitous in Pune where I live and I can always get one just fifty meters away from my home. They take me to the most crowded parts of the city and I don’t have to worry about parking, or walking to my destination after parking. They are safe, agile, and very convenient. They are also quite economical to use. Although I can drive myself and have a valid driving licence, I find that it makes more sense to use these very convenient vehicles when I want to go out.


I have owned or had been provided with / borrowed many vehicles during my fairly long adult life but the very first vehicle that I ever owned remains my all time favorite. It was bought second hand and was black and white but looked exactly like the image on the left. I had named it “My Love” and that was written inside the front panel. It is my favourite vehicle even today because it brings back a lot of very good memories of the time that I used it.

I used it in Hyderabad and Chennai for three and a half years and it never gave me any problem except for a few flat tires. I had used it to go on long out of town trips and as a young man with many interests, was quite the dashing figure. In Hyderabad particularly, my scooter was the only one of its kind and getting it serviced regularly gave me a friend in the proprietor of the authorised service station, who remains one till today.

If that vehicle is still alive in some collector’s garage, it could tell stories of some of my adventures of those very interesting times.

This week’s topic for the Friday LBC post was suggested by me and you may want to visit Shackman to see what he has to say about his favourite vehicle.

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  1. From what point of view? Environmental, aesthetic, functional, emotional? I think for its pure eccentricity and stylish appearance and pleasurable connotations, I would go for the stretch limo. I love to see one gliding down the street in its full 28 feet glory. Strangely enough, I’ve never actually been a passenger in one. I must remedy that at the first opportunity.
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  2. My favorite car was a 1966 Corvair that I owned. I loved that car, and no matter what Ralph Nader said, I never felt unsafe. During my time in the Air Force when I was stationed at Okinawa, the way you traveled around was by taxi’s driven by Okinawan’s. Talk about feeling and being unsafe! The first Okinawan word you learned was “stop”. They didn’t have rickshaws, but regular small cars driven at high speeds! lol I’ve only ridden a scooter once, but now a tractor is another thing. Even driven one.

  3. my first car, after I finally learnt to drive when I was in my 30s was a Morris 1100 – I loved the freedom and it did indeed take me on some magical trips – and it carted a number of entertaining objects – including (on separate occasions) about 20 large concrete blocks & a huge hamper of alcoholic beverages I won – one year from a big liquor store…

    it was the kind of car, that putting a spinning wheel in the boot wasn’t feasible, the boot was rather narrow (top/bottom) – but putting it into the back seat – it either went in well & refused to come out easily – or reverse!

    But there were drawbacks – I won’t go into those…bad memories!

    1. I learnt to drive in a 4 door Morris Minor and have used a 2 door one for my personal use as well. I can well imaging the problem of loading and unloading stuff in a Morris 1100.

  4. My favorite vehicle was not mine. When Dave & I were newlyweds we took my Mom’s VW Bug to Alabama for 5 months. We packed all our household goods into that car. Many weekends we technically went AWOL since we went beyond authorized limits when we drove it to the Florida Panhandle right out onto the beach. Lots of good times in that car.

  5. that’s such a cute little auto rickshaw.
    and i could happily ride in it without thinking how tired the other kind of rickshaw driven by a fellow running was! not sure i could have done that kind.
    oh sean! i can see you on that motor bike! love the name.
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