My Health.

I am overwhelmed by the concern shown by my blog world friends and others about my health.  From some of the messages that I have received, it would appear that my illness has been misunderstood to be something life threatening or major.  I hasten to write this post to set at rest such speculations.

From mid November of last year I had some muscular problems which my GP treated and solved with one exception.  A persistent shoulder pain.  Giving allowance to the fact that I practice yogabhyas, both of us thought that I must have sprained a muscle and tried to cure that symptom.  When that failed, by late December he advised me to get myself tested for diabetes and cholesterol indications and came up trumps in that both were present for the first time ever though the first one was just latent and marginal.  I went for treatment for those two problems but by the end of January when the shoulder pain would not go away, he suggested that I consult an orthopedist which I duly did.

I underwent training for physiotherapy, invested in some gadgets to carry that out at home and regularly exercised as learnt. While movement improved, the pain would not go away despite taking pain reliever medication.  Eventually the orthopedist suggested that I undergo an MRI scan and I was unable to because I am claustrophobic.  I therefore underwent a sonography session which showed some minor tear to the muscles of the shoulder.  The orthopedist suggested that I undergo surgery to rectify the situation when I decided to consult the surgeon who had originally operated on my hip joints for three revisions, as he is fully aware of my problems.  He promptly guided me to a shoulder specialist / arthroscopist who studied a new set of X-rays and concluded that I simply have what is commonly known as a frozen shoulder which given time will revert to normal.  He has put me on new medication which has already eased the pain to a considerable extent and as per his opinion, before the end of another fortnight or so, I should be totally normal, and that there will be no necessity for any surgery.

During the investigation / consultation cycle I felt quite depressed and perhaps that reflected in some of my blog posts or facebook posts and I now hasten to assure my friends that I am perfectly fine and with the relief of the new diagnosis and being under the treatment of a seasoned and experienced specialist, quite cheerful and back to normal.

I thank all of you for your concern and messages of support, get well soon wishes and prayers.


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