My High Speed Mind.

Human mind

Just for a few seconds, my mind went into overdrive this morning.

It is normally a de-cluttered one but an unusual occurrence speeded up the imagination process and gave me palpitation and an almost-there panic attack.

I was in the kitchen washing up after tea and my cellphone was on the dining table. I heard it ringing but, by the time I could wash up and come to it, it stopped ringing and I saw that I had received a missed call from Ranjan. That is when the gear shifting process started. I went into the first and called back. It took forever to get a disconnect signal and I went into second. I called again and the same thing happened and I went into third and fourth when I could not get through. Finally I went into overdrive when I heard Ranjan’s voice as though it was coming from some deep abyss.

For those who may not know, he and Manjiree are late night personalities and also late risers. This call was at 7.15 AM, a time that I have never known them to wake up at. They are currently vacationing in the Southern parts of our country and have had to alter their itinerary due to unseasonal heavy rains and bad visibility.

My imagination was running riot. I was imagining all kinds of dire scenarios and the whole telephone experience was mostly responsible.

Finally I was able to hear Ranjan clearly and he said that he had just called to inform me of his latest plan and that he would call again later in the day after reaching their destination. He assured me that visibility was good and the weather was clear and bright.

It still took me a few minutes to come back to normal. I need to work more on my detachment. This experience has just shown me that my equanimity is just on the surface.

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