My Irrespressible Bhabi.


The present Head Of Our Clan is my cousin Damodaran who will be familiar to my readers as the cousin who I visit regularly in New Bombay. His wife Asha is a particular favourite of mine, as she says I am to her too. (Bhabi in Hindi means wife of elder brother.)

She retired from the Atomic Energy Commission as a Medical officer a few years ago and since then has been in the forefront for a social work organisation in and around New Bombay.

There is a wonderful article about her in the DNA of the 12th October which gives a reasonably good picture of what she does.

It gives me great pleasure to post about her achievements and as you can see, I am obviously very proud of her.

12 thoughts on “My Irrespressible Bhabi.”

  1. Too small a person!.A small link in a huge network of dedicated seva dals, without whose help, we can achieve nothing.And ofcourse THE GOD who inspires,gives energy, projects and guidance!

  2. You come from a very accomplished family Rummy. Your cousin Damodaran must also be very proud of his wife, Asha.
    blessings ~ maxi

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