My Life In Three Songs. 2 On 1.

Trust Shackman to come up with this great idea for the weekly Friday blog post where both of us write on the same subject. Please do go over to his blog to see what he has to say. Knowing him as I do, it would be bang on and most appropriate songs.

My question to him is why three when one can do?

He would call it cheating and he is not a great fan of Sinatra anyway.

There was a time, I suspect that it was midlife crisis of some sort,  when this song would have been more appropriate, though it was aspirational rather than real.  Please read Ursula’s comments on my post Fishing.

Another one to sign off an all time favourite:

12 thoughts on “My Life In Three Songs. 2 On 1.”

  1. I love Sinatra, and he is on my list – saw him live in Connecticut. I love your list, and I especially love wanderin star – not because it fits me but at times I wixh it did. I figured 46 years with the same woman precluded me from choosing it – LOL’ It seems you had as much fun with this topic as did I.
    shackman recently posted..My life in 3 songs 2-on-1 #11

    1. I did had fun writing the subject and I am glad that you enjoyed my choice of music as I did yours. I am particularly grateful to you for bringing back Cycles by Sinatra which I had not heard in years. Thank you.

  2. I also had too much fun with it.
    and I unloaded all that fun over at Shack’s. I’ll spare you of it here dear Sean!
    you guys never disappoint! SH
    tammy j recently posted..Zark

  3. I really like both of yours. I am not as quick as Tammy was to know which 3 I would pick. A fun thing to think about! Thanks to you both!

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