My Name In Japanese.

A very interesting young friend of mine Pooja, posted this on FaceBook.

I did as suggested and it came out as Shi Ka Rin Ka To Ka. Shikarinkatoka. If you insist, you can call me Shikarinkatoka San.

The interesting part of that exercise is what happens to that name in Hindi.

Shikarin can stand for either a female shikari (huntress) or a girl named Shika with a Surname Rin *A popular brand of detergent)
and Toka means hit in Hindi. Ka means her and so the name could mean that I either hit a huntress or a girl called Shika Rin. The use of toka in this context could also mean hitting on or making love.

So, in my comment on Pooja’s post I said – ” Bahut kuch tho toka, magar abh thak ek bhi shikarin ko nahin toka.”

Translated it means, I have hit on many but till now, I have not hit on even one Shikarin.

Now to add some more fun to this post, the name Shikarinkatoka. can also easily fit in with a very popular old Hindi flim song.

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