13 thoughts on “My Reader Does Not Want Me To Be A Cowboy.”

  1. good ole’ willy. and he’s still a sing’in. i don’t know about cowboys . . .
    but his favorite song of mine is “angel flying to close to the ground.”
    you’ve heard it? it’s good.
    tammy j recently posted..this bunny delivers

    1. I read somewhere that the Wild West and Cowboys generated some really emotional literature, poetry and verse and of course music. It must have been so lonely with so few people in those days.

      1. I’d love to be quick with witty answers, but I’m way too slow for that. The cowboy/Indian joke comes from my Indian Embassy days.when the standing office joke among the Irish staff was ‘too many chiefs in this place and not enough Indians..’
        Maria recently posted..Soldiers for Women

        1. In my coroporate avatar, since we were all already Indians, and the original ones at that, we would convey the same message with “All generals and no soldiers.”

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