My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures.

While I have accepted the topic as it was suggested by my fellow Friday blogger Shackman, I must straight away state that none of the pleasures that I enjoy can be called guilty, at least, not by me. I thoroughly enjoy each one and never suffer any guilty pangs post event. And, at my age, there are very few pleasures left to relish as while the spirit may be very willing, the flesh is weak and does not cooperate.

At the twilight of my years, what gives me the greatest pleasure is, don’t hold your breath, are, food and sound sleep.  Mind you, at this stage, it should not be quantity but quality.  The pleasure I obtain is not only desiring quality, but often in the quantity as well.  The following list will give you some indication.  It is rare that I will stop with one helping when it comes to eating my favourite food or be satisfied with an interrupted sleep.

The top most on my list will be Ice Cream of all kinds but, within which the top most choice will go to Kulfi. For a while, I had patronised a brand called Kwality Walls here till I found out that it was made out of vegetable oils  and is called Frozen Dessert. Unfortunately, this is the only item within that specification that my grocer delivers and so I have to go to an Ice Cream Parlour just down the road to indulge whenever the mood takes me.

So, number 1. will be Kulfi and number 2. will be all other ice creams except the so called Frozen Desserts.

That brings me to item number 3.

Sweets of the Indian variety.  Topmost on the list is Kalakand. There are different types from different parts of the country and, I love all of them.

Number 4 will be cakes and pastries of all types, easily the most desired being Black Forest.

Now comes the non sweet snacks.

In the order of choice, they will be:

Samosa, Kachori and Khandvi.

Number 8 will be cuisine. Top favourite being my native Tamil cuisine followed by Punjabi.

Number 9 pleasure will be what I get from solving crossword puzzles. If I don’t get my daily dose, I am miserable.

Last item on the list will be sleep and particularly my afternoon siesta. On the rare occasion that I don’t get it due to being away from home on some chore or the other, I feel out of sorts till the next day.

I have a feeling that the other Friday 2 on 1 blogger Shackman is likely to come up with music on top followed by other items, very likely including some food too. Do go over and have a look at his blog.

18 thoughts on “My Top 10 Guilty Pleasures.”

  1. I pretty much agree that save 1 or 2 I feel no guilt in my chosen pleasures – LOL. We have earned the right to enjoy this stuff by surviving this long. Until 45 came along I likely would have included being a political junkie on my list but now it is a matter of survival to stay informed and necessities are not pleasures, guilty or not. I think you may be surprised by some of mine though food and music are represented.

  2. I read every link. and I couldn’t help thinking of Padmini! and the few cooking videos I watched. they were wonderful! I bet she makes her own kulfi and kalakand. or then… maybe not. she’s a busy lady with so many other interests too.
    until the diabetes II and heart disease I would have put food high on my list also. now it is like walking through a field of land mines. no sugar allowed.
    and always … is this too salty? (that stopped my all time favorite… popcorn!)
    so my guilty pleasure is getting to read a wonderful book all day if I want to! and having meals with the marine. as I get older I enjoy his company more and more. his friendship is probably number one on my list. but it’s not a guilty pleasure so it might not count!
    old movies are high on the list too. good stories. beautiful people. great music.
    and being able to nap whenever I feel like it!
    and yup! water melon for me too. LOLOL!

    1. For the first time ever, I was invited for a breakfast / birthday celebration this morning. My friend of about my age was celebrating his father’s 100 years on earth and it was a grand affair. Guess what was on order? Three of my favourite dishes and some amazing tea. I was once again left zapped that I wrote about my pleasures yesterday and the universe provided some of them today!

  3. Hi Rummy,

    You are a sweet-tooth. I also like ice cream and Samosas, but I fail to have a top 10 guilty pleasure list. 🙁
    Indian sweets are super delicious and in Mozambique they are vastly known. I wish you a fabulous weekend with good quality sleep and food :).


  4. at the moment some of my pleasures are on hold [note I left out guilty]

    ice cream for sure, chocolate, potato chips/crisps, a decent burger with chips…

    doing nothing is probably top of my list – a friend came mid week, he commented “what do you do all day…” I didn’t think he was pleased when I said “sometimes nothing”

    of course sometimes that “nothing” is making food, making art, reading or even watching mineless utube clips and TV on demand…

    and currently a “lot of nothing at all” happening as I mend from recent surgery…

    1. Understandable but, just a matter of time before you can indulge to your heart’s content. Doing ‘nothing’ is an art! We Indians are very good at it. The Brits used to call it navel watching.

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