Names Of Places.

I am fascinated by strange names of people and places. We have enough of them in India to keep me fascinated for ever. Unfortuanately they are all in Indian languages which will need some major translation work for me for this post. For example Kukadpally is a suburb of Hyderabad which means Village Of the Cocks. Historically, it was famous for its fighting cocks. Yes, Cockfighting is a much followed ‘sport’ in India despite it being illegal.

British names however are something special and my fascination with them started with my first introduction to Middlesex. I have come a long way from those teen age days, but I still keep coming up with odd names that arouse my curiosity. Grannymar, knowing my fascination for them, has sent me a link that is out of this world.

There are others who appear to share this fascination with me in Britain and one site that does it well has this on it.

I hope that my British readers will come up with other interesting names! I am sure that the USA, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand too must have some, for they all have English connections. It will be interesting to read about them.

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