I was treated to a delightful surprise this morning when I went out to sit in the veranda to have my morning cuppa.

This photograph was taken from the top. This flower suddenly appeared this morning in our garden. I have never seen either this flower or the plant before, or rather, perhaps have not noticed the plant before. It is obviously a wild flower and I am unable to identify its name with my limited knowledge. (Since writing that, I have been able to identify it thanks to some intense googling.) It is called the Indian Mock Strawberry.

You can click on the picture to see an enlarged version.

If you trace the stem of the plant from the top to the bottom, you will see that it has grown from a small crevice in the platform of the veranda. Obviously a seed has flown in and settled in a small little space at the corner and the plant has grown from there!

Had I planted the seed, the effect would not have been as spectacular.

As we would say in Hindi, Wah Kya Baath Hai! The nearest translation would be something like Wow! Awesome!!

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