This is a photograph of a real driving school located just opposite to my residence and I see the owner/instructor every day as also some of his students on and off.

A regular feature of this driving school is the very obvious discomfort shown by some actors that I can observe from my veranda but cannot hear.

When the instructor is punctual, the student is sometimes delayed and the former frets and fumes. There are other occasions however when the student lands up only to find that the instructor is either away instructing another student or has not yet turned up. The student in turn frets and fumes and very visibly gets agitated. Waiting for a few minutes the student inevitably leaves the vicinity and the frustration can be very visible. The dance takes place when the instructor almost always lands up no sooner than the student leaves, only to be told by the watchmen located just a few feet away from the board that the student had come and had just left, leaving the instructor much annoyed and frustrated.

Apart from this particular drama another kind also unfolds in the mornings on some days. Three of my neighbours have school going children.  Each goes to a different school but the pick up point for all for their respective school buses is just near this sign board.

The drama is when the bus comes and the child has not yet come.  The driver, honks his horn looks up and down to see if any signal comes from some balcony and after a few moments, moves away.  Within seconds of the bus leaving, the child will appear at the spot and frantically ask the watchman if the bus has come and gone!

In the alternative, the child will wait and the bus will not come for some time after its due time.  The child will go home and get one parent to take it to the school.  No sooner that departure takes place, the bus will arrive!

Real life entertainment for me for which I don’t have to pay for the pleasure of viewing.

This week’s Friday LBC post topic was suggested by me.  I had something else in mind when I suggested that topic but I thought that my readers will find this post more amusing.  Please visit Shackman and Pravin to get their points of view on the same topic.

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  1. People watching is one of my favorite pastimes. Occasionally I sit on my deck and try it here but alas – the streets are bare – LOL. When I was in college I used to sit by a window in the coffee shop and watch. It was great fun. What was your neighborhood like when you first moved in?
    shackman recently posted..Neighbours LBNC 9/30/2016

  2. We don’t have any driving school nearby but our road is used constantly for driving lessons and it’s amusing to watch the aspiring drivers trying to do a three-point turn or park the car or practice the other basic manoeuvres. It takes me back to when I was learning to drive and was quite terrified at the thought of controlling a potentially lethal vehicle. I was so nervous before my driving test I’m amazed I managed to pass first time.
    nick recently posted..Feel the fear

  3. I have lost all my entertainment – most of it not wanted – and got monotonous – now I am learning about my neighbours or lack of them…

    The other evening, around 5ish, I heard a strange noise, sounded like a rake and something – the something turned out to be linked to a scoop and a foamy water. Beyond my highish fence and through a bank of trees, I finally located someone baling a foam/soapy sort of water out what looked like a tub or spa – in the persons backyard – with persons sitting in it. I doubt they could see me, though…

    My immediate neighbours in the other unit – are quiet but I am getting to know there morning movements/work, although that is only the young men, their Mother doesn’t have a job right now…And I do see them, if I’m in my living room because we share the same front steps.

    On the other side of the driveway – a bank of houses but I’m looking at their back walls and only about a metre in from the fence (this thru’s infill housing) and over beyond the back garden, a small unit and further away a standalone house – but no noise from them either.

    I can see a main road betw 2 of the infill housing but I can’t hear much traffic noise.

    Definitely different, but I have a radio talk-back station on…which does mean I’ve “someone” indoors. I know when I get stuck into art-making, I will lose myself in that world and like I can hear my own ideas floweing 🙂

      1. it may indeed…I heard children last evening for the first time, of course they may have been visiting grandparents – but couldn’t workout which house they were at…

    1. I suspect that is what “Isobel” was thinking about “who is moving next door”…but I think she has been pleasantly surprised. I just stepped across onto her part of the front deck & explained I would out tomorrow but family were coming by with another set of shelves… and that they knew where the spare keys are… “thanks for telling me” and then we chatted about my dug over front garden, and I said I will probably put some veges in – enough for you as well…

    1. I have written about the mornings. It gets quieter later on and since the veranda where I sit faces the West, it is too sunny and warm to sit in the afternoons and evenings.

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