Never Born, Never Died, Just Visited This Planet. – Osho.


“All she must contribute is her existence. She needs achieve nothing, for she is the reward of achievement” – Germaine Greer.

“She embodies mystery through her fruitfulness. She is associated with Nature and with the Earth.”

In many philosophical systems, she is the Mother Nature too.
She was fruitful. She gave me our son Ranjan.

On three separate occasions, when we were privileged to live in homes with gardens, she created and maintained beautiful gardens, before we moved into our own home with a small garden. What she planted and so lovingly tended to, now stands testimony to her representing Nature and Earth.

I wish that I could reproduce here all the stories about her gentleness, hospitality and maternity, that we have received from so many people from all over the world. Suffice it to say, that many of them totally surprised us. She never talked about them to us.

Her body has left us. She will never leave us.

She would not like me to mope. I do not intend to.

I am not responding individually to all the messages that my blog friends have left here on my previous post. Please accept this post as my gratitude to all of you as well as a tribute to a remarkable person who gave me so much.

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