8 thoughts on “Nickname II.”

  1. I keep wondering – is it cool to be hot?

    I still vividly remember travelling on tube trains in London in mid-summer when the temperature in the carriages must have been well over 30 degrees, with no air con. The air conditioned subway trains in New York are fabulous.
    nick recently posted..Boringly moderate

    1. Get with the plot, Nick. First you don’t understand George Bernard Shaw and his measurements (Jean’s blog), now you pretend to be too obtuse to divine that being “hot” has little to do with temperature.

      Ursula recently posted..In motion

      1. What made you think I didn’t understand the double meaning of “hot”? As for GBS, I’ve never in 68 years heard the word “measurements” used in that sense. Thus my appalling ignorance.
        nick recently posted..Boringly moderate

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