Chaitanya and Vaishali are good friends of mine.  I have known them for quite some time now and have always called them by their full names.

Both had come to visit us for Diwali and while chatting about various things, Chaitanya’s nickname came up as being Chaai.  Chaai in India is of course the well brewed favourite beverage Tea.  I was quite amused and we cracked a few jokes about the nickname before they took their leave.  I bid them farewell but this time addressed the former as Chai much to his and his wife’s amusement.

It was after they had left that it occurred to me that Vaishali too could get a similar nickname – Vaai.  That sounds like Wai which is actually a historically important temple town about 120 Kms from Pune.

I can’t wait for them to return to Pune from their Diwali vacation to throw this one at them to see their reaction.

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