Night Lamp.

I leave a zero watt night lamp on in the dining area of our home which gives a little light to the ground floor in the nights. This is so that my father has some illumination to navigate if he wants to in the nights. His bed room is at ground level and Ranjan’s and mine are upstairs. I leave the door to my bedroom open when I sleep as does my father his. I can hear the slightest noise from his room and can be downstairs in a matter of seconds.

On Monday night the milk-white nightlamp blew and I phoned Ranjan who was out to get a replacement on his way back home. He did, but by the time he returned, I was fast asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find everything very unusual and came to the landing to see what was strange. I found that Ranjan had replaced the milk-white bulb with a red one and that made a striking difference.

We now have a red light area in our home. At least, till I replace the bulb again to a milk-white one.

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