No It Isn’t Beethoven.

No, this is not a Beethoven composition. This is a video of two masters of Hindustani Classical Music, Ustad, Amjad Ali Khan on the Sarod and Ustad Zakir Hussein on the Tabla.

THIS is Beethoven’s symphony No.6 played by The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta.

This is a post for the weekly Friday LBC where a few bloggers write on the same subject. You may like to visit Lin and Shackman to see what they have to contribute to this effort. Today’s topic has been suggested by Lin.

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      1. I did not post on this topic.
        I listed the three reasons I am leaving the LBC.
        1. because the topics are all about death, injury, and aging, which I find morbid, and to me unacceptable.
        2. because there is money being made by the consortium and I was disrespected by not being told that
        3. And foremost, because you believe in inclusion, and therefore allow an incredibly aggressive and in my opinion not mentally stable person to attack one writer after the other.

        The terms of our aggreement were to write in peace, tolerance, and respect. There is none here.

        There was no discussion, neither written, nor as private correspondence, nor did you answer.
        (I closed off private correspondence many many months ago when I discovered thousands had read my first blog, and I received no notice of that. Someone else did.)

        It is your page. I wish you well. I am leaving.

        Greetings to the many decent ones who read you.
        I really don’t understand why they don’t unite and make it clear to this person that such behavior is unnacceptable.
        Or you do.

        As for me,
        I am still writing, better than ever, at and am now happy.

        Ps the remaining unwritten topics from me on the LBC are my property, and I refuse to allow their use, since I don’t want to see their joy in connection with illness, death, and injury. And please remove all links to my page. who wishes to find me can use my url:
        Dunnasead recently posted..And Gutenberg Lived Here: 365 And Ticking

  1. oh my gosh.
    i feel as if i were at the concert of those two wonderful masters rummy!
    i made it full screen.
    so many thoughts!
    my favorite was after he talked the first time. i think it was at the 15 minute mark.
    the music they made right after that was simply hauntingly beautiful. and then it kept escalating faster and faster. the tapla (i hope i’m remembering the name of the drums correctly!) anyway… he sometimes appeared in a trance. then he would smile and you knew he wasn’t. he was merely feeling the music.
    and the sarod master… oh my. they are just beautiful men!
    and my next favorite was the very last set. at the end. to me… almost ethereal again.
    and then when it was over i looked them up on wikipedia. and the tapla player is 65 years old! and to both just sit there for that long. so incredible to me.
    such STAMINA they both have!!! i cannot imagine. to sit there and play that long.
    such strength. and playing from their very souls. you could tell.
    no doubt why they are called masters.
    it was an amazing experience. and truly beautiful music. thank you!
    tammy j recently apple woman

    1. Both the ustads are favourites of mine and I am pleased that you found their performance beautiful. It was a great pleasure for me to share their brilliance with my readers. Thank you.

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