No More Babies.

I had an interesting telephone call earlier today, with a friend who called me after almost ten years for a long chat. Both of us exchange WhatsApp messages, mostly forwards but, have not really been catching up with news on our families. During the call, he enquired about Ranjan and any grand children in my life. I joked that my grand child is our dog Chutki and changed the subject knowing that once he starts talking about his three grandchildren the conversation will prolong to at least another fifteen minutes.

That conversation however reminded me of two recent news items that I came across which leads me to believe that there is something going on about demographics that is not perhaps receiving as much attention as it should.

The first one is this article in our Economic Times. It makes for interesting reading coming as it does from India.

The next one is from China where the problem is vastly different and while I find the whole report amusing, it points to some disturbing facts coming out of the country with the largest population in the world.

And finally to add some spice to this topic, here is a news item that should tickle the funny bones of all my readers.

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  1. I know many childless by choice people who have no regrets. Then again how can you have regrets for something you know nothing about? I remember we had this huge joke about our childless couple friends:

    “Oh they’re they go off on a cruise consoling themselves they have no children!”

    “Oh did you see how Sue and Tom climbed Kilimanjaro? Consoling themselves again.”

    As we ferried kids to lessons and changed diapers, etc. etc.

    Like most jokes, a lot of truth in that.


    1. My son and daughter in law as well as one of my nieces and many other children of friends have opted to be without children and seem to be quite comfortable with that decision. Indian society being what it is however, they are constantly asked about when they intend producing children! There are any number of jokes here too and I shall shortly post a real life one featuring me and an aunt of mine.

  2. Well, there have been people trying to limit the number of children for many decades, partly because more children means more consumption and more global pollution. But there are plenty of others who have such a strong urge to have children they will do it come what may and couldn’t care less about the counter-arguments.

  3. Some provocative ideas here. I didn’t know China had abandoned its ‘one-child’ policy. The swing to the government encouraging more births makes sense for them now, if they are concerned about not having enough young people to contribute to the economy. Seems that tampering with nature isn’t working!

    1. To be totally honest with you, I have serious reservations on the whole concept of birth control when one major religion forbids it totally and its adherents follow that dictat completely and with total abandon. If you are interested, I shall write separately by email giving statistics.

  4. I enjoy my children immensely and because I do, I hope they get the same experience but nobody should be expected to have children if they don’t want to. There is no good reason for that.

  5. Hi Rummy,

    Suing parents for having been born without one’s consent is ignorant. Doesn’t this boy know that if he was born is because not only he gave his consent before being born but also chose his parents/family?

    Anyway, if it’s not one’s karma to have children, don’t force it. Accept your path. And this has a lot of meanings, if you catch my drift.

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  6. The problem with dogs (and cats too, which my wife and I now have four of) is that they grow old and die far too soon, and that they can’t be there for a person when he or she is old and needs help (such things are on my mind now that I’m about to turn 70).

    But yes, as with you, my pets are my grandchildren, but they are also my children, my hobby, and my best friends. Other than my wife, there isn’t a human on earth whom I would prefer over them.
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    1. I have been living in solitary splendour the last one week and will till late tomorrow evening when my son and daughter in love will return from a vacation. I think that such solitude was made pleasurable by the company of Chutki our dog.

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