No More Conversations.

Cellphones were invented to increase personal contacts between people and increase access to many services. What it has now done is to reduce conversations between people.

I must confess that I am guilty too. When motor mouth callers drone on, I interrupt to say that the reception is poor and that I am unable to hear properly and request for text messages. I prefer sending text messages rather than call up such characters too.

I however find that increasingly, people would rather text  than call each other up. If at all they do call each other, it is only for long conversations which will take time to text manually.

Apart from that smart phones have also made people increasingly tied to their phones in all kinds of situations and it would appear that it is assuming alarming levels of psychological problems. Here is an article talking about this problem in some detail.

On reflection I too seem to be afflicted with regular checking up of the handset for messages and twitter posts. I have decided to reduce this compulsive behaviour and hope that I succeed.

How about you? Are you addicted too?

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