The Shahenshah.

My blogger friend Rasheed Hooda has written a flattering post about me and a couple of other blogger friends of mine as being writers of No Niche Blogs.  For the first time ever in my life, I have been called Shahenshah by someone and I am flattered!

I can’t resist the temptation to share his post with my readers to share his point of view.

Thank you Rasheedbhai.

10 thoughts on “The Shahenshah.”

  1. Interesting commentary. King of kings, eh? it is nice to be so highly thought of. I tend to prefer non-niche blogs, I confess, though, I only heard f that term when I read this blog.

    My blog has no central them and of late has been typically short as my laptops bit the dust and I have been using a tablet. That will end shortly as a new laptop is on its way. I intend to increase the length and frequency of my content. We shall see how that plays out.
    shackman recently posted..Calm After the Storm. 2-on-1

  2. LOL!!!
    ” I believe it is beneath the Shahenshah to be mingling with peasants.😁 ”
    what neat guys they are.
    I read about Rasheed Hooda and all of the 135 comments and replies by him and Michael! whew! but couldn’t stop.
    to fund his trip with animal balloons. so simple and joyful. amazing.
    and love how he lived/lives out of his car! I’ve been following a lot of video channels of people … men and women… doing just that. so interesting! and many who are OUR age! it’s truly inspiring.
    can’t believe nobody mention Cheerful Monk. about as diversified a blog as they get!
    tammy j recently posted..the simple metaphor

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