No Respect!

My friend the Cheerful Monk while disappointing me with her title for this post, wrote a very intriguing post nevertheless. I strongly recommend my readers to visit and read the post and all the comments there.

When I read the title of the post, what came to my mind was however something totally different. A very powerful portrayal by a remarkable actor.

8 thoughts on “No Respect!”

  1. Marlon Brando was never a favorite of mine, great actor though he was. We seen the Godfather movies several times over the years. Robert Duvall is probably our favorite actor from the movie, in large part because of later roles he’s played.
    Mike recently posted..Floats.

  2. so many thoughts while watching that clip.
    i read the book when it first came out.
    it was rather like being fascinated by watching a snake.
    compelled and repulsed at the same time. for days i couldn’t put it down. very unusual. because . . .
    i like nor do i respect anything about that particular sicilian culture.
    or should i say sub-culture?
    one of my thoughts watching it . . . the kitty stole the scene!
    the other thoughts were . . . no love or respect is ever bought by fear and revenge and payback.
    but i do agree with you. his acting was flawless in that role. as don corleon. not an ‘over-acting’ bone in his body apparently.
    i also read somewhere that the temporary implants in his jaws to make him look like that were very painful. and yet you never know it.
    a professional all the way.

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