“The breaking of stereotypes allows for recovery of memory.”
~ Shiv Visvanathan.

Abhaya photo

My friend and fellow moviephile Abhaya sent this photograph and asked “What does this photograph indicate?” I leave the question with my readers and shall come back with the answer at the end of the post.

It is my assigned duty at our home to set yoghurt. This is due to historical reasons when I was a caregiver to my late wife and became quite expert at setting it. My daughter in love Manjiree too is expert but indulges me and lets me set it so that I have the sense of being useful at home.

It is however true that on some occasions, I let the milk boil over as shown in the photograph and it takes quite a bit of work to clean up the stove and the kitchen platform so that Manjiree does not come to know that I had been careless. She might otherwise decide to bar me from the kitchen. (I hope that she does not read this)

So, my immediate reaction to this question from Abhaya was to say that it is a common occurrence in my life with milk boiling over due to negligence.

flying jaat

This picture is a scene from a recently released Hindi film, Flying jaat. Such scenes would never have been allowed for exhibition by Indian censors till a few years ago. Yes, that was the situation till not too long ago. The couple would normally be shown as going behind a tree or a bush or something like that.


This one is from another recently released Hindi film, Mohenjo Daro. You can imagine what pleasure the censors would have had in cutting this right out of the film till a few years ago, when you consider that they would not even allow a kiss to be shown!

What do these two photographs and their explanations have to do with this post?

When the censors would be happy with the couple disappearing from view for a few seconds to indicate a kissing scene, when it came to steamier stuff like the lower photograph, the screen would show the kitchen and a scene of milk boiling over to symbolise hot stuff happening off screen!

And that dear readers is the answer to Abhaya’s question which he very kindly provided himself later!

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