Nostalgia 4.

During lunch yesterday, my son suddenly reminisced about a dish that his late mother used to make which we had not had for many years. I remembered the dish and went to find the recipe book in which I could find it and found this.
The book and the recipe found, the dish was made for lunch today and we enjoyed devouring that.

This post is however about two stories linked to that book.

Way back in 1982, a young bachelor colleague SMF had invited us to his pad for dinner and had cooked some amazing food for us. He grew rapidly in the company and by the time we had moved to our Head office by 1987, he too had moved, this time as a married man.

In the intervening years, I had developed an interest in cooking and SMF came to know of this by the treat I gave him to return his compliment by inviting him and his bride for dinner and cooking for them.

Later on, SMF came home on my birthday and gifted me with that book and it has been with me all these years.

Fast forward to a few years ago and the son of the author of the book, now a resident of Pune, and my son developed a business relationship and by chance, I met him when he had come home to meet my son. I exchanged my admiration for his father’s culinary skills and he was quite happy to hear me out. He however claimed not to have inherited that skill. Sad.

A sudden nostalgia for a particular dish led me to three incidents and some revival of interest in cooking again.

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