Nostalgia 6. Badge Of Honour.

My regular readers will be aware of one of my physical limitations that has bothered me for a dozen years now. It is called Right Ulnar Palsy and it makes it difficult for me to hold things tightly in my right hand. This caused two problems for me earlier today and the second one is this.

That is me with a stained white t-shirt unable to take a better selfie with my right hand.

The first one was what caused the yellow stains in the first place. I was eating mangoes as dessert for lunch. Since our cook was off on holiday today, our char cut the mangoes. Had the cook been there, she would have cut the mangoes without the skin and the stone completely scraped off and I could have simply had the fruit from a bowl using a spoon.

With the mangoes cut differently, I had to eat the mangoes like this:

After seeing the first slice being eaten if you go to 1.40 minutes, you will see how the flesh from the stone is consumed.

My ulnar palsy played up and the stone slipped out of my hand and fell on my t-shirt. That is the stain that you see on the first image.

Why nostalgia?

During my school days, as soon as the mango season started, the first classmate with a stained vest under the uniform shirt was given a badge of honour by the rest of the class. One of course had to deliberately stain the vest to earn this badge! I never did get the badge of honour though as, I could not afford to get the vest stained for fear of punishment from a martinet for a father!

Have you had some mangoes lately? How did you eat them?

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  1. Our mango season is long over!
    I have to admit that I don’t eat mangoes as often as I might like because I have difficulty holding them. When I do, the cheeks are cut off and removed from the kin then I usually stand over the kitchen sink to chew the flesh from the stone. It’s not glamorous 🙂

  2. the closest I’ve got to mango is a rock melon and some pineapple chunks. The melon I cut up in slices and scooped out the seeds. The pineapple came as a picnic sort of packet from the grocery store with a plastic spfork or whatever they call them…but I basically using a metal fork out of my cutlery drawer.

    I have a double pair of unpredictable hands which I’ve had since birth…so know those type of oopsies
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Round 2…more than 3

  3. I’ve not had a mango for some time but have thoroughly enjoyed them when I did. I pretty much cut the Mango in pieces away from the stone, and eat the flesh away from the stone. Not necessarily exactly as shown in the video but I get the flesh and try to minimize getting juice anywhere on me — not usually possible.

    I can appreciate the challenge you faced. What is a “char’s” work position in the household you described as having cut the Mango for you since the cook wasn’t there? I Googled the word but didn’t find an applicable explanation.

    1. The Char’s main tasks are dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors, washing dishes and putting them away and take down the dried clothes, fold them and move them to respective rooms. You should see ours. She is very efficient and fast. She does the same in two other homes every day.

  4. I have to cut my own mangoes.

    I learned something interesting about them, though; did you know that if you are allergic to latex, you shouldn’t handle mangoes? You can probably eat them safely, but the skin contains the same allergen.
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..In the Blink of an Eye

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