Nostalgia 7. The Oldest Thing In My Home.

A post on Facebook asked this question:

This took me back to 1975 and a very dear friend AC, who also happened to have been my boss at that time. He was retiring and moving to Andorra and was simplifying his possessions to suit the accommodation that awaited him in Andorra.

I was a struggling young man with a small family and had very little furniture. AC knew this well as he had visited our home often. He asked me if I could do him a favour by taking some furniture off his hands and offered two massive arm chairs and a quarter century old chest of drawers. A favour? Those were God sent gifts and I grabbed them with both hands and much gratitude.

The two armchairs, as old as the chest of drawers gave up their ghosts long ago but looked somewhat like this one below.

The Chest Of Drawers however continues to go strong and sits comfortably in my bedroom just short of three years to reach its Platinum Jubilee.

What is the oldest thing in your home?

10 thoughts on “Nostalgia 7. The Oldest Thing In My Home.”

  1. Hmm. I’m not even sure. We have some antique furniture, but I don’t know their actual ages. My engagement ring was a family heirloom made around 1900, so maybe that.

  2. I have a cherry drop-leaf table that was in the “parlor” and a cherry with birds-eye maple drawer stand that held a water basis in a 19th century bedroom — both my maternal grandmother’s I cherish.

  3. I’m not sure. I have several small items that date back to the 1800s, at least (including a marble-topped chest of drawers!). A family Bible and some ancient photos. A lock of hair. A few toys, and a few small antiques (I think you saw a photo of one on Facebook). A rocking chair, maybe – it’s surely at least 75 years old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not from the 1900s, now, does it?
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  4. Not sure what’s the oldest, but certainly our bed is around 30 years old. It had a mattress that was the same age, but we had to replace it recently because it got so creaky. Oh and our microwave is around 40 years old. We also have an abstract painting that was given to me by the artist around 1967 – around 55 years old.

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