Nostalgia And Reality.

While going through some old photographs, the widow of an ex colleague came across a photograph of mine and some other colleagues with her late husband in a conference in 1988. She promptly sent a copy of it across to me on WhatsApp reminding me of the “good old times.”

While she and her family are still in touch with me, they are not with the others in the photograph and so, I in turn sent the image to two others in the photograph via WhatsApp.

One of the recipients in turn sent me a photograph of a lunch party a couple of days ago, where some old colleagues along with their wives had met for a post covid reunion. I had known all of them thirty years ago, and it was a strange feeling recognising the faces after such a long time. The sender was curious and asked me if I recognised all of them and was in turn zapped when I confirmed that I had indeed.

The second exchange occupied my thoughts for quite some time as all the men in the latter photograph had stayed with the same employer till retirement whereas, I had gone my separate way. A series of “What If” thoughts kept me occupied for quite some time till my other activities changed my mood.

I wonder if this is normal for others too. Has something like this happened to any of my readers?

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  1. Nope…my brother, the Vedantan has taught me to live in the now….there is this lovely song in Tamil…kurai ondrum illai…no regrets, no bucket list, no wants…
    🥰 just a few odds and ends that need to be tied up!
    The BUT always kicks in doesn’t it …

  2. Everyone goes through a “what if..” thinking phase at some time or the other but since we can never turn the clock back best to trash such thoughts as soon as they come up 🙂 By the way it would have been nice to see that photo from 1988 !

  3. I haven’t kept in touch with any of my old workmates, though I remember them very clearly and sometimes wonder what became of them all. Like Padmini I tend to live in the now and don’t spend much time thinking about the past.

  4. There were a couple of cross roads where, had I chosen differently, life would have been different. Good different? Bad different? who ever knows.
    I wonder what might have been but I don’t ruminate on it.
    The other interesting aspect is that it may not be the big decisions that make a difference: think of the stories where a missed train saved a person being in an accident and those types of incidents.

  5. ummm – definitely at times a lot of “what if…” once I left the area closest to one of my workplaces I stopped bumping into workmates. I occasionally see “in the distance” a few, but we were never actually in the same section, we only saw one another at the breaks. When I retired and started in the voluntary sector, a few people I occasionally see but not as in “let’s have coffee” stance. Last week I saw G, right here in this street, she was often my “note-taker” when I was at Uni … I had no idea she lived on one of the side streets off this one. Usually I would see her in the Mall.
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    1. I am part of some WhatsApp groups of ex colleagues from different parts of India and also in touch with individuals through email and other social media applications. It has made a lot of different to our lives.

  6. I’ve thought about “what if” etc. occasionally but I don’t dwell there. I don’t assume had I made different choices they would have been any more than just that and don’t lose sight of the fact they also could have had less desirable outcomes than the choices I made. Unfortunately, a multitude of friends, co-workers gathered over the years with whom I maintained contact have all died, the last in recent years, including those acquired as friends of my husband when we wed.

    1. I don’t dwell there either. It is just that when something triggers off old memories, I go back to those ideas. Old colleagues passing away has been a regular part of my recent life as well.

  7. Nostalgia is my first word which I feel about time passing by! As one grows up, he/she grows apart from his close family’s. This growing-apartness will lead towards creating distance among close relatives. These distancing and alienation from the ones we love leads to deep nostalgia. Nostalgia makes us revisit, re-enact, and retell the life experiences, making them vivid to relive the memories over again. In this modern era, I see, there’s an immense need of revisiting our childhoods and remembering everything that happened there. The only reason for nostalgia is because it serves to bring back the pain, joy, and happiness of our childhood days, because they are what connects us to each other. The past is always more vivid than that of the present. There is never a future tense in any sentence. Childhood should be treated like a dream and we should revisit what happened there as many as possible. The reason why everything will look perfect and it will happen exactly how in books and movies. But the reality in real time doesn’t agree with It , . We shouldn’t judge what’s going on in our mind. When something happens on…
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