Not Like The Movies.

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Two recent developments that brought the topic of movies to my life, as usual what I call synchronicity are, one, a new blogger friend Alan G who popped up in one of my posts and whose blog Some Final Thoughts is full of film reviews by him. His blog is worth a visit for movie buffs; and two, a film producer friend from Calcutta came to Pune to visit The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) yesterday and wanted me to accompany him there. I was all set to go when his programme changed and I did not go. It would have given me a great deal of joy to visit this institute as I have never been inside so far, despite living in Pune for the past twenty four years.

The title is a difficult statement to write on. Reel life can and often does reflect real life, like the latest movie that I saw. Till the last scene, the story was very realistic but the finale was a bit too dramatic for my taste. Having had personal experience of giving care to some one who suffered from dementia, I could identify with the situations but the ending was too pat for me.

On the other hand, very much like the movies was another movie that I saw recently. This cannot be faulted at all as it is a true story about real life people and their real life experiences.

Where things are not like the movies are those movies where the hero does things that are really super human. In Indian films particularly, reality is totally suspended and fantasy is encouraged and the reel life heroes become real life heroes like our famous Rajnikant.

Such movies however provide the safety valve needed for our masses to escape the harsh realities of real life through a couple of hours or more of reel life. And I find that Paisa Vasool seems to have infected the movie business as almost all movies now run for around or more than two and a half hours with one intermission. If that could be brought down to less than two hours, I would enjoy movies more. I had not been going to or even seeing them at home, for more than a decade and since I got a bit free from about a year and a half ago, I have been regularly seeing movies and can say that I enjoy them irrespective of whether they reflect realities or not.

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    1. I would not be able to stand and watch a movie. In fact, I cannot even stand for very long in queues and have to request people behind me to allow me to sit and join when closer to the destination.

  1. “Not like the movies” works both ways of course. A movie can be more violent and vicious and depressing than real life, or it can be more idyllic and perfect and happy than real life. Personally I don’t care which applies as long as the characters and plot are vaguely believable and engaging. I have no patience with superheroes or superheroines, people with amazing magical powers etc. They just get too ridiculous.
    nick recently posted..Duty free

  2. It’s been my experience that any movie that comes out of my country is rife with innacuracies – they call it poetic license – and the more rea; a film is adveertised to be the more fiction the moviemakers cram in it. That is especially tr5ue of documentaries. Unlike Nick (apparently) I grew up reading Superman, Batman and the likes comic books so I enjoy a good superhero movie. But as long as there is a character I can empathize with and a story line that is consistent to itself I am usually happy.

  3. i admire superb acting. and usually those are dramas.
    but for sheer entertainment i turn to the classic movie channel and fix myself some popcorn and am lost in my favorite type… a good story.
    a beginning a middle and an end. gorgeous people. sometimes totally unrealistic situations… but an escape from the rampant violence of the modern movies of today and today’s modern life. what can i say?
    i’d rather see clark gable and claudette colbert in 1939’s …
    “it happened one night.” black and white… or not. they’re wonderful!
    tammyj recently posted..clearness of knowing

    1. Yes, those days were what I call days of elegance and class. Even the theaters reflected that ambiance. Today’s experiences reflect today’s obsession with instant gratification.

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