Not Quite Flexible.

Devdutt Patnaik is a much liked writer and I am a great fan of his as is most of my family.

I do not miss any of his writings if I can avoid it. This particular piece on the Indian Vs European style of management is so well written that I wish to share it with all my readers who find Indians mysterious.

I am sure that if DP sees this YouTube clip, he will have as good a laugh as I did when I saw it last week.

8 thoughts on “Not Quite Flexible.”

  1. I found the link about european vs indian style of working and managing very interesting.
    much like the ‘island time’ of polynesia and even our own ‘deep south’ here in the u.s.
    american Indians too are known for a totally different work ethic than the mainstream anglo style of well ~ for want of a better term ~
    ‘full speed ahead. all hands on deck!’
    thank you for another fascinating look into india.
    tammy j recently posted..impatience and the zombie

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