It is the silly season in India. A crucial election is to take place in the next three days and there has been hectic canvassing, forecasting, hoping and what not besides the usual exchange of ideas between persons either of the same persuasion or from opposite camps.

One of my friends of the same ideology,  and I were discussing the probabilities when he came up with a great insight. He said that some people will vote for NOTA and this would enable some candidates to win as these votes would swing against their candidates as they would not have got them anyway. NOTA stands for None Of The Above.  This is an option that our ballot papers have to express our disgust with the candidates!

While explaining he mentioned some names of our mutual friends who are not for the main contestant but who are not for the opposition either. In other words they are simply against everything! Totally negative about everything!  They are not FOR anything.  They don’t have solutions for the problems that they keep highlighting.

On reflection I found great insight in this statement and assessment from my friend and I set about listing all the names that I could think of who are like that. I was surprised that there were so many among my friends who are like that.

My relationships with them have been cordial but I wonder if I should continue being friends with them! What do you think?

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