9 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Sister.”

  1. I don’t have a close relationship with my sister, and haven’t had for a long time. You’re lucky to be so close to your own.

  2. Good post. I am fortunate to say I am still close to both of my sisters who are still with us and I idolized my older sister who is no longer with us.

  3. from a fellow pluviophile Rummy …
    we know there is nothing quite like it. it’s like a holy medicine to me!
    it makes everything better!
    and I adore my only sibling who is my brother.
    he is and always will be my Hero.
    he would certainly dislike my use of the word hero. but he just IS!
    and I never cease to be grateful for his friendship.

    1. A friend pointed out in a WhatApp message that he and I are both pluviobibliophiles! What imagination. Yes, I know of your special relationship with your brother and I can relate. My best wishes that it is there for you for always.

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