Number Of Homes In My Life.

I received this cryptic message on WhatsApp and having nothing better to do, I thought that I will count from my childhood and see how many in my life. The results are:

  1. 1. Before I started being aware of what was happening around me, my parents lived in three different places while I was a babe in arms. So, 3.
    2. After I became aware of what was happening around me, we were in Chennai and lived in three homes. During that period I was left with my uncle for one year. So, 4.
    3. We then shifted to Hyderabad where I lived with my parents in one home and then on my own in three different places. So, 4.
    4. Then back to Chennai till 1965 when I lived partly with my parents, as a paying guest and then in a hostel altogether in six different places. So, 6.
    5. Then two years in Ahmedabad in a hostel. So, 1.
    6. That was followed by one stretch of seven months in Mumbai with my parents. 1.
    7. That was followed by two years of living off a suitcase, travelling many parts of South India.
    8. I then got married and after a brief homeless stretch, set up our first home in Delhi. 1.
    9. After that, we got posted to Mumbai on three separate occasions. 3
    10. Kolkata on one occasion. 1
    11. Kerala on one occasion. 1
    12. Delhi on one occasion again. 1
    13. Bengaluru on one occasion. 1
    14. Then finally to Pune thirty plus years ago where we have put down deep roots. 1
    15. While the home in Pune was functioning tickety-boo, I set up home twice in Tirupur in the South of India on two occasions on special assignments. 2
  2. That makes for thirty places where I have lived for long periods over my entire life.  That makes me a way-above-average person.  Should I be happy?

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  1. Goodness, that’s many more homes than me. I thought I’d moved about a lot, but I can only muster 13 homes altogether. Or if you’re counting my time in the womb, 14. So should you be happy? Well, yes, if you’ve enjoyed living in all those places.

  2. this was an interesting post to me.
    about a year ago I decided to write down every move and dwelling from the time I was brought home from the hospital as a baby.
    it totaled 48.
    I have often pondered why I don’t have the same sentimentality for ‘things’ and the normal values that women seem to share everywhere. I just don’t have them. I’ve been minimalistic my entire life.
    maybe it’s a coping mechanism? I honestly don’t know.
    but here at the ending of my life I find comfort in the fact that I feel very Free.
    memories have replaced things in that regard. the laughter.
    it’s all good. xo

    1. You and I are what are called right extremes in the distribution curve in statistics. That is if it is of any comfort to you. It is not for me. Memories do indeed replace things as we age.

  3. This is a very interesting question, and I am amazed by you and Tammy. I had 2 before going off to University, and then added quite a few. I think I total 13. It felt like more as it was University during the year and then home / to work at the same camp 2 summers in a row, but I guess I am close to the predicted number. Who knew?

    1. I found the experience of counting fascinating and more so when my irrepressible sister found fault in one case and corrected me to make the number 31. Tammy’s response surprised me too.

  4. The only time I had many changes of abode was when I was away overseas from 68 – 75, most of which were in flatting situations. Since 75 I’ve lived in 8 places, some for short periods, some rather large houses.
    But wow, both you and Tammy – that’s some temporary roots at times.

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