O2 – Mobile Phone Customer Service Or Disservice!


My brother Barath recently had a hilarious chat with a customer service representative of O2 which I reproduce below later.  Please be patient and read through to the end.  You will have a few laughs if nothing else.  He eventually got to speak to someone with half a brain, and established that he could actually get a 12 month contract to satisfy him for £13 per month.  So almost an hour was wasted with what he calls an ‘Indian sounding Abby’ to get no where. Naturally,  he sends the exchange to me being the Indian with half a brain in the family!

Knowing Barath as I do, O2 should sit up and take notice. Otherwise, he will probably use 3 for his phone service in future.

Welcome to O2. Someone will be with you soon.
info: at 17:26:55
You’re through to ‘O2 : Abby’
O2 : Abby: at 17:27:02
Hello, it’s O2 : Abby here. What can I do for you?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:27:31
Hi Abbey, I need to cancel my account as my contract has expired but I am stioll paying sa lot of money a month
O2 : Abby: at 17:27:55
I will check this for you.
O2 : Abby: at 17:28:20
??????????? is this the concerned number ?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:28:29
O2 : Abby: at 17:28:58
As you haven’t said anything for a while, I’m going to close the chat. If you want to start a new chat, click here.
O2 : Abby: at 17:29:09
Sorry for last line
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:29:20
I have just responded to you, so what is the problem?
O2 : Abby: at 17:29:36
I am sorry for last line.
O2 : Abby: at 17:29:41
Please can you tell me the 2nd & 5th characters of your security answer?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:30:01
O2 : Abby: at 17:30:28
I am sorry it’s not correct.
O2 : Abby: at 17:30:40
Please can you tell me the 2nd & 5th characters of your security answer?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:31:04
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:31:42
Sorry it is ? and ?
O2 : Abby: at 17:32:05
I am sorry it’s incorrect.
O2 : Abby: at 17:32:18
Please help me with your full name.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:32:24
Can you give me a hint of the password as I have several
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:32:32
Barath Rajgopaul
O2 : Abby: at 17:32:45
Thanks, HINT is xxxxx xxxx xxxxx
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:32:56
? and ?O2 : Abby: at 17:33:15
O2 : Abby: at 17:34:23
Have you mention 30 days notice period ?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:34:48
Do not understand, I have mentioned nothing so far
O2 : Abby: at 17:35:40
Okay, There is 30 days notice before canceling the contract.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:36:29
I may not wish to cancel the contract, but seeing as I have fulfilled my part of the contract for two years, why am I still paying £30 odd per month for my contract?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:37:20
I should be offered a much a lower tariff but all I have seen is ecxtra charges
O2 : Abby: at 17:38:07
Do you see extra charges on bill, Shall I explain about that ?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:38:45
No, I was in the US and used a separate cheap tariff (Reptel) but O2 charged me full fare for that anyway? Why?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:38:57
Rebtel that is
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:40:05
Can you also please explain why when I phone O2 to talk to someone, I cannot get through as there is a long waitilng list
O2 : Abby: at 17:41:16
Shall I transfer this chat to concerned team ?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:41:52
who would that be? I have tried this chat line before and all i get offered is to transfer the proble,
O2 : Abby: at 17:41:53
There is a wait time of 5-7 minutes
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:42:21
hoe does anyone ever resolve any problems with O2 if all we have to do is wait?
O2 : Abby: at 17:42:28
You wish to cancel this contract
O2 : Abby: at 17:43:17
No, I asked you about shall i explain your bill you haven’t answered that ,Yes.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:43:21
You are not listening to what I am saying, I need to understand why my charges have not reduced, until I resolve that I do not know if I should cancel or not
O2 : Abby: at 17:43:45
Okay, I will explain you everthing.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:43:49
Why am I paying £30 plus when my contract has finished?
O2 : Abby: at 17:43:57
Do you have phone handy ?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:44:05
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:44:07
call me
O2 : Abby: at 17:44:27
Okay I will send you text please confirm me that.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:44:44
go ahead
O2 : Abby: at 17:45:43
Please confirm the text which i’ve sent to you.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:45:54

O2 : Abby: at 17:45:59
O2 : Abby: at 17:46:43
Okay you have taken this contract on 20/11/2012 right ?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:46:55
O2 : Abby: at 17:47:21
So, contract end will be 19/11/2014
O2 : Abby: at 17:48:15
Okay for canceling this contract you must tell us before 30 days to cancel this contract.
O2 : Abby: at 17:49:04
If you did not make 30 days notice than contract will be continuously running.
O2 : Abby: at 17:49:40
If you make request today the this contract will end after 30 days .
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:49:46
That is a rip off, you should be informing me of a revised tariff after the two yeears
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:50:14
Is there an ongoing tariff for continuing if I did not cancel and if so what is the tariff?
O2 : Abby: at 17:51:03
It is mention on your contracts terms and conditions.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:51:48
What is the ongoing tariff or the same tariff goes on forever?
O2 : Abby: at 17:52:28
Same tariff
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:52:34
You are giving me little information all you are telling me is what I sigened up for two years ago
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:52:57
why should I pay over £30 when I have paid for the phone cost poover two years?
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:53:20
I can ge a tariff around £10 per month for ongoing use
O2 : Abby: at 17:53:54
There will be charge for only airtime not for device plan.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:54:26
so what will I pay monthly for device, I already have the device
O2 : Abby: at 17:55:24
You need to pay for cost of tariff only.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:56:08
I am getting frustrated, so what will I have to pay monthly for the tariff and why have I npt been informed of the revised tariff?
O2 : Abby: at 17:56:59
I am checking this for you.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 17:58:17
It would seem to me that O2 do not advise long term users of their choices, they just hope that no one will notice that two tears have goen but people will coninue t pay an exorbitant amount for nothing
you dont get it, I do not want to cancel I want to know how I can keep the contract going without paying this huge amount a montyh which included paying for the device
Barath Rajgopaul: at 18:01:29
Should O2 as a responsible supplier not inofrm people of their choices when the contract expires?

Q1 12 Unlimited+ 24M 36
O2 : Abby: at 18:02:21
Unlimited Mins / Unlimited Texts / 24 MTH / £36.00 / New International Rates / Q1 / 12
O2 : Abby: at 18:02:21 O2 : Abby: at 18:03:24
Is your current tariff
O2 : Abby: at 18:04:08
If you wish to continue you need to pay for this tariff.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 18:04:57
No I can get a much better tariff than this elsewhere, I have copied all our conversation and will be posting this on facebook as I think that this is appalling.
Barath it is already mentioned during the contact taking time in terms and condition.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 18:06:45
You have been no help whatsoever, I will try and call O2 tomorrow to resolve this. This is for your tariff only.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 18:07:57
I have been chatting to you since 1726, it is now 1806 and what a waste of time it has been thank you.
when 24 monthe of contract is completed there is no need to pay for phone.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 18:09:04
So why I do have to continue paying £36 from now on?
O2 : Abby: at 18:09:09
I am trying to explain you that we are not taking any extra charges. Have you given up?
O2 : Abby: at 18:13:03
I am sory that you feel this way.
O2 : Abby: at 18:13:31
No, I was just checking this with my superior, It was my bad.
O2 : Abby: at 18:14:04
I thought it was another type accoutn.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 18:14:21
I give up!
O2 : Abby: at 18:14:24
I am really sorry for this, Apologies
You can cancel it any time there will be no charges.
Barath Rajgopaul: at 18:15:28
You still dont get it, if I do not cancel can I get revised terms for muy ongoing contract, if so what?

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