Obsession With Asian Women.

I just love the ‘Independent’. It gives me great inspiration to write about topics that I normally would not consider writing about.

Just read this wonderful bit from a reader to Indy’s Agony Aunt, Virginia Ironsides. Firstly, her name has now metamorphosed into Virgina and I wonder if Indy will gradually change it into some thing more appealing!

Incidentally, a dilemma that I face for which perhaps VI may have answers to is the fact that when people talk about Asians, most talk about the people from East of India and Bangladesh. That excludes a great deal of humanity. I wonder if the whiner meant that he is obsessed with all Asian women or only the popular variety.

Obviously, this guy did not know that an Agony Uncle blogs regularly and will be very happy to oblige with advise. To start with, had this guy approached me, I would have said, “What the hell man, I do the same too! Except that I do not restrict it to Asian women.”

Virginia’s response and the comments make for some very entertaining reading and I hope that my readers will find it as amusing as I found it.

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