Of Pumpkins, Witches, And The Whole Nine Yards

Today’s LBC topic comes courtesy Lin whose ingenuity can floor me without much effort. Here is an example of that!

That should amuse you Tammy!

Pumpkins are quite popular in India too but not quite the way they are with Charlie Brown. They are used in curries, chutneys and to make some delicious sweetmeats. My personal choice is the use of them in Sambaar. Apart from mixing it with rice, I also drink it like soup whenever it is made.

Witches and I have had nothing to do with each other ever. The only time that a witch came into my life was when Frank Sinatra introduced me to:

And that brings me to the idiom ‘the whole nine yards’. I personally don’t use it though I am familiar with it. I prefer ‘the whole jing bang lot’. But what ‘nine yards’ gets me to think of is this.
9 yard sari

Ladies from Maharashtra, and the Southern states wear these 9 yard saris, which are longer than the normal 6 yard saris which would be worn like this:
6 yd sari

Elegant wear aren’t they?

15 thoughts on “Of Pumpkins, Witches, And The Whole Nine Yards”

  1. Pumpkin is used in our household primarily around the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    With today’s cost of fabric (retail), the whole 9 yards might be a budget buster. 😉

    With Karen being a quilter who uses quality fabric, I am kept up to date on the cost of fabric. There is a lot of fabric yardage in the room where she quilts and I do most of my computer stuff, but most of it was purchased when prices were significantly lower.
    Mike recently posted..Windows at Arches

  2. and you even used TWO exclamation points sean! LOLOL!
    and indian women are so beautiful. I love the sari. whether nine or six.
    I would have to learn to move all over again if I wore one.
    but that would no doubt be good discipline for this tom boy.
    now. I must go and check out sambaar AFTER I listen to ole blue eyes.
    I held this comment to only TWO exclamation points.
    i’m proud of both of us.

  3. I’m afraid I’m not the sari type. T-shirts with a regular long-sleeved shirt over it and slacks are my normal attire. Not very elegant, but I love them.

    Do you think a sari would be comfortable attire, Rummuser?
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Great Timing

  4. One of our favorite dishes: baked hokkaido pumpkin topped by a small amount of butter, shredded carrot and ginger, and chopped walnuts.
    As to the saris- gorgeous- and elegant,-and make a woman look and walk very femininely, but: very hard to walk in, at least for me, and look ridiculous on someone my height and with my coloring. Now jeans is another whole story. Love the post.
    Dun-Na-Sead recently posted..And Gutenberg Lived Here: Of Pumpkins, Witches, And The Whole Nine Yards

    1. I am intrigued. How did that come about? I am informed by Manjiree that those who wear the nine yard sari do not wear underskirts. Apparently some wear tights but most just their usual undies.

  5. just folded up into a very small package a sari – probably not 9yds but it felt like it. maybe you ask why I have that sari? I actually have another which is much posher but not giving that away…oh, that’s not answering my own question! I have them because they are beautiful fabrics with wonderful designs – I was going to make something with them.

    pumpkins here usually either for soup or with other vegetables in a roasting way…as for witches, not sure what I can say on that – but I guess most of this post is about Halloween – something not hot trendy here…

    more now to do with which memory stays and which one goes.

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