Old Friends And Their Families.

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In one of my posts Stories From The Past I had written about my friends in Ahmedabad and as fate would have it, Jalal had to come back into my life to a much pleasanter interface.

My Godson M and his lovely bride of 34 years V had come to spend some time with me at Pune and we had long conversations and caught up with many stories that had happened between our last meeting and now. The four days that they were here passed off very quickly and they left yesterday for Ahmedabad to catch up with some work and to visit an exhibition in which M is interested for his business.

Neither of them had any connections at Ahmedabad and requested me to arrange for their accommodation and transport for their use there during their two day stay there. I promptly rang up Jalal who features in my story to which I have linked above and that wonderful fellow made all the arrangements despite being preoccupied with his imminent departure for Saudi Arabia for his Umrah. His younger brother H took charge in his absence and tied up loose ends and as I write this, I get information from V and M that their stay has been extremely comfortable and well organised by the two brothers.

This little interlude gave me an opportunity to reestablish contact with the new generation of a family that I have known since the seventies of the last century! It has given me the enthusiasm to revisit Ahmedabad next year when my graduating class of 1967 intends having a half century reunion on the entry year, next year there at our Institute. (We have chosen the year of entry rather than the graduation as every year the casualty list is increasing and we hope to see the maximum number of classmates if it is held two years ahead of the graduating year’s golden jubilee.)

It is always nice to reestablish contacts with old friends and I am delighted that it was made possible due to completely unforeseen circumstances.  Has anything like this happened to you recently?

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