Old Is Gold.

I have received a clip on WhatsApp a number of times of a stand up comedian telling a story about a difficult father of a bride to be and an old man. Unfortunately I am unable to find the clip to insert it here for my Hindi speaking readers but, will publish it if it comes my way again. Some flavour of the story will be lost in translation but, it is still worth sharing with my readers.

Just before a baraat is about to leave to the bride’s home for the wedding ceremonies to begin, a messenger from the bride’s father arrives with a request that if the marriage is to take place, no old men should accompany the baraat. Perhaps the father really does not want the wedding to go take place due to some reason or the other.

The groom is adamant that the baraat should leave without old men but, one old codger insists on accompanying it by offering to hide himself in one of the carts with baggage accompanying the baraat.

The old man is carefully hidden and the baraat reaches the venue when the bride’s father sets another condition to be fulfilled before the wedding can take place. And the condition is that the well in the village should be changed into one containing milk instead of water.

The groom’s party considering this to be ridiculous, decides to return.

Feeling the cart turn around and start back the hidden old man asks what the matter is. On being given the explanation, he tells the baraat that this is such a simple thing to respond to and sends word that the baraat is ready with the milk and that the bride’s family should empty the well.

Hearing the response, the bride’s father immediately responds that there must be an old man in the baraat and so the wedding stands cancelled anyway!

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