Old Paths White Clouds.

OldPathWhiteCloudsThichNhatHanhRodinhoodMonasteryPravin is a remarkable young man.  For my birthday in June, he had bought a book as a present and simply was not able to ensure it reaching me.  He finally made it to Pune yesterday and brought it for me.

Old Paths White Clouds is a remarkable story of the Buddha.  You can get lost in reading it and I have been finding that truth from the moment that Pravin said goodbye and disappeared yesterday.

Thank you Pravin, not only for the gift, but for keeping it safe for over five months and to personally come over to present it to me.

9 thoughts on “Old Paths White Clouds.”

  1. Dear uncleji,

    I am not (remarkable), you are.

    I was late, at least not so late that this 2013 gift becomes 2014 gift 😀

    What I was saying to you about the book… http://bit.ly/qeaoWP

    I have read it 3 times, read it occasionally any chapter from anywhere.

    Thank you so much for referring to me.

    Hope you will enjoy it.

  2. i must try to find that rummy. it sounds good.
    i have read almost every other book that thich nhat hanh has written!
    i will look forward to this one.
    tammyj recently posted..on a leaf

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