On Golden Pond.


The last time that my friend Ramesh and I had gone to see a movie, during the post movie coffee session, we were reminiscing about the golden oldies and Ramesh casually asked me if I had seen On Golden Pond.  I had not as those days I was too busy with my career and hardly ever went to see a movie.  I don’t think that this film was even screened in Delhi where we were in the early eighties. Even had it been, I would not have been able to go anyway.

Ramesh insisted that it was a remarkable movie for which both the main leads, Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn had won awards and that I should get a DVD and watch it. I took up the challenge and was able to procure a bargain two in one deal with this film and Come September.

To cut a long story short, earlier this afternoon, Ramesh and I saw it on a home theater system and I was simply blown away.  Hepburn and Fonda were simply magnificent and the other four characters who appear in the film including Jane Fonda are in more or less cameo roles leaving the bulk of the acting to be handled by these two veterans. The story, the locale, acting, photography and the subtle background music score everything blended beautifully into a very enjoyable experience and I am glad that I was able to see Henry Fonda’s last movie in the bargain.

If there was one flaw in the film, that was Jane Fonda’s role which could have been performed much better. That one shortcoming makes me give just a [rating=5] rating for a very seeable movie.

I had seen Come September in the sixties of the last century and am still very fond of the theme music and Bobby Darin’s Multiplication.  Gosh, I feel my age!  I  will be seeing it again soon at home and I shall write about it too.

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    1. Reports indicate that the chill of November has set in in the Northern hemisphere! Its effect can be felt in Pune too. Today was the first really cold day when I had to wear a kurta over my regulation singlet.

  1. Jane Fonda, Henry Fonda’s daughter, was married to Ted Turner– the billionaire. She divorced him but said he was a Swell guy but didn’t have her lifestyle. She did a lot of exercise, yoga-type tapes you could buy. They were good, besides her looking beautiful.

  2. i adore the movie come September. mostly because i just like feeling good and rock hudson romantic comedies always do that. and bobby darin … wonderful singer. walter slezak sp???… almost stole the show.
    and on golden pond…
    such a tour de force of performances by the two legends.
    but you’re right about jane fonda. i’ve honestly never cared for her that much. i know she’s a good actress… but i don’t know. it’s like it’s ‘worked at.’ or something!
    she was actually best in the comedy ‘monster in law.’ it was funny.
    tammyj recently posted..BAH HUMBUG

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