Onam Treats.

Today is Onam. A festival celebrated by Malayalis from Kerala, a state in the South West of India. Regular readers of this blog will recollect that I have deep connections with Kerala, my late mother having been born there and apart from that, my having lived there for many years apart from visiting it in depth many times. I have friends there and also many Malayali diaspora friends and since morning have been flooded with Onam greeting messages which I have had to respond to.

While that part of the post was easy to create and write the next part is a little difficult. There are a number of families in India, who have suffered greatly during the lockdowns due to the pandemic and one of them is an entrepreneur who lives in my neighbourhood.Β  Β She had to close down a small restaurant that she was running due to the lockdown. Unable to come out of the deep financial losses to restart her business, she has taken to cooking food at home and supplying to people desiring her specialities among them being food from Kerala.

A few days ago, a mutual friend had suggested to me to extend some support to this lady and since Onam was coming up I placed an order for two Onam specialities to be delivered to me today.

The top image is of Ela Ada and the lower one of Palada Pradhaman.
These two dishes were duly delivered this morning well in time for consuming during lunch and my son and I thoroughly enjoyed both dishes. Enough has been refrigerated for the DIL to have for her dinner on her return from work.

None of us are quite capable anymore of partaking traditional Onam meal like the one shown below, served on a plantain leaf.

10 thoughts on “Onam Treats.”

  1. Lockdowns has forced many to close their restaurants , but has also helped many creative chefs to start something on their own from their kitchen.

    Being home quarantined, I didn’t want to miss my Ona Sadya….took advantage of such micro cloud kitchen of a Malayali family near my house…it was satisfying enjoying the meal and helping out…!! A Thiruonam to be marked in my diary.

    1. You and I are lucky that we have people close by to supply us with Sadya. After I got the goodies, I discovered that the lady also supplies home made idli/dosa and meduvadai batter. I am told that they are superb. I intend experimenting.

  2. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Sir, you are son familiar with Kerala like a permanent settler
    You participate, enjoy and share Mallu jokes and trolls
    Great Sir, so deeply familiar

    But its you , you will be so intimate with many states and regions ..

    That’s what makes a Ramana Rajgopal ….that’s his true nature

    1. You flatter me Sashi but, I like it. I have been blessed with postings all over India during my working days and this has helped me making friends all over. That they are in touch still speaks volumes for the kind of work atmosphere that we worked in.

  3. The various food items look delicious. Glad you could help the neighbor ordering her food. Too bad she had to close her restaurant. This pandemic has had an adverse effect on so many businesses here, too.

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