One Lovely Blog Award

Sqaure Peg Guy has just given me an award:


I am flattered beyond description. Thank you Square Peg Guy.

Having thanked SPG, let me also express my despair! He expects me to pass the same on to fifteen bloggers! How do I quite go about it? Let me try. I tried and have been able to add one more! I am now sending this to sixteen people SPG!

There is no particular order to this list, just as they appear in my Bookmarks:
Love Ely,
Paddy Bloggit,
Josephine Carr Writes,
Leveraged Intelligence,
Exit 78,
I truly am not Einstein,
Nick here and now,
The Vaguetarian Tea Room,
What would Dad say,
Cheerful Monk,
From the Magpie’s Nest,
Tender Loving Elder Care,
Univoice Live and
Brain Based Biz.

These are blogs that I visit regularly and most of the bloggers regularly visit this blog too. I hope that each would accept this award and do what I have just now done.

Thank you.

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