Open Range.


I doubt very much that, in 2003 when this film was released, I would have enjoyed it as much as I did watching it yesterday.  Thanks to a friend who after reading my post on Silverado insisted that I see this to see how a Western can be made with very little, but effective gunfights but with a lot of dialogues.

Throw in Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner, I was hooked and readily agreed to  and saw it at home. I am glad that I did.

Both Duvall and Costner produce absolutely stunning performances with able if somewhat subdued support from Annette Bening.  Despite it running for 140 minutes, I would say that it is an attention grabbing and compactly made film.

Effective photography, subtle humour, great dialogue deliveries and superb direction pushes me into giving it a five out of five rating.

If you have not seen it, please do. A very unusual Western but Western nevertheless.

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  1. Another good one – I particularly liked Abraham Benrubi (Mose) among the supporting cast. Yep – a quieter western than Silverado but excellent and equally as good if not actually better. Not a popcorn movie but a real drama. I always seek out Costner and Duvall movies.

    Incidentally, a remake of The Magnificent Seven will hit theaters short
    ly starring Denzel Washington.

    Pale Rider and Unforgiven – both Clint Eastood films are ell worth watching if you have not seen them too. 993s Tombstone – with Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp and ValKilmer as Doc Halliday is excellent as well.

    1. I have already seen the Mag Seven and reviewed it too at Another film that is being released here before it is done in the USA is Inferno, being released today. I think that I will see it over the weekend. Unforgiven is a fantastic film and I will see if I can see the others too. Thank you.

    1. India is a huge market for Hollywood Looney. It is not only for Westerns but for all genres of movies coming out of there. Just imagine how it will be if Indian bloggers start writing about the current American election scenario!

  2. duvall can do no wrong in my book.
    i’ve never seen him in a film that he didn’t save it or make it.
    and on a side note… have you ever seen ‘the american president’ ?
    it starred michael douglas and annette bening. it is excellent.
    see it if you can.
    makes the current election contenders even more pathetic.
    thank you for the great review here rummy. i will check this one out for sure!
    tammy j recently bun inny wun?

    1. I have seen the film a long time ago. Other than Martin Sheen’s and Michael Douglas’ histrionics, I was not impressed with the story or how it was presented. The last speech was electrifying.

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