9 thoughts on “Opinion.”

  1. An opinion is just that: An opinion. Personal, not based on fact. As long as we understand that, we should be able to tolerate other people’s opinions (providing they don’t claim, as we say in the motherland, of having eaten wisdom by the spoonful).

    Admittedly, some people will hold opinions which make it difficult to either take them seriously or break bread with them without considerable discomfort. On the whole I find others’ opinions interesting, often informative (OH MY GOD, I had no idea one can see it like that! Gee, thanks for the insight), even amusing. Unless, of course, someone else’s opinion is of the kind that makes me fear for them and mankind.

    To stick with your cartoon – as long as we remain master of our opinions they shouldn’t eat us up or make us rigid before time is up.


    1. Gotta disagree on one thing U – opinions can and often are basd on fact. That causes more issues than non-fact based – like saying for this discussion the sky is orange. When the facts involved do not offer sufficient information for any proof but are left open to interpretation there can be fireworks.

  2. Brilliant Ramana. But I doubt it will influence the ones that are so hateful and misogynistic and racist and view the world through such hatefilled glasses. The father of my children is one such creature. His opinions make us all cringe.

    I’m stealing this – who knows it might help him, but I doubt it.


    1. Surprisingly enough, this has been one of my most popular posts although I just reproduced a cartoon. Like you, many have forwarded it through WhatsApp and Facebook and I have received many responses thanking me for it.

  3. Fact-based opinions based on logical thinking and reasoning civilly presented can be more worthy of consideration than opinions that are not.

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