Optical Illusion.

When I got up from my recliner and turned around to go to my room, this is the sight that greeted me on the staircase going up to our upstairs bedrooms.
For a moment I was zapped as I thought that my son had gone berserk buying toilet paper rolls as I was reminded of photographs like this one below that were doing the social media rounds when the coronavirus first hit the West.
On closer examination however I found that these were cans of dog food that he and my daughter in love had organised to stock up and distribute to volunteers feeding stray dogs in our neighbourhood.

Due to the lockdown, collateral sufferers are these strays who otherwise would have found food by scrounging around restaurants and stores selling edibles. The volunteers are doing yeoman service looking after these strays by not only feeding them but, also by arranging for bowls of drinking water for them in this summer heat.

This is the dog food being given to them. Thankfully, our local administration has made arrangements to make this available in these shut down times.

14 thoughts on “Optical Illusion.”

  1. THESE are my heroes! your son and daughter in love and ALL the people
    looking out for these sweet ones who have no voice and no choice.
    I would build a temple for them! I build it in my heart.
    please tell them how wonderful some people think they are!
    and thank you Sean! XO

  2. I hadn’t given a thought to all those stray dogs out there. Wonderful that people have not only thought about them but are actively looking after them. We don’t have a problem with stray dogs in Northern Ireland though. It’s most unusual to see one.

    1. Britain is a marvellous place for its care for animals. I would rank your SPCA as the world’s best and the people who take care of abandoned and stray dogs there are really wonderful people. The shelters there is the reason for not seeing any strays anywhere in the UK.

  3. I’ve not seen stray dogs in U.S. but there have been times when we had stray cats — ‘til the coyotes likely got them. Our Humane Society would likely capture dogs to be taken to a pound, give them rabies shots and offer the dogs for adoption.
    Joared recently posted..MAYDAY — AGE DIFFERENCES

    1. I would very much like to see the kind of shelters that operate in the USA in India. There are a few but too few to be effective in preventing the proliferation of stray dogs.

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